Saturday, April 29, 2006

April Tracks - Part 1

April has been a pretty good month for new music, we are finally creeping out of the winter lull with some genuinely exciting new tracks. The majority of the tracks this month are a mix of House and R&B. The top two are massive R&B tracks that also happen to have some great house remixes (by Jason Nevins in both cases).

Here comes #6 to 10:

10. Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero- I Get What I Want

Not much to say about this, its just funky, funky funky. Listen to the sample.

9. Christina Milian - Say I

Christina was in my top 3 of 2004 with the song 'Dip It Low', the case back then (as it is now) was that a fairly good song became a great one due to the remix by Full Intention. Here, the Hani and Maurice mixes serve a similar purpose, elevating a decent R&B track to a stomping dancefloor hit. A great comeback single for Milian.

8. Noir - My MTV

Samples the Dire Straits 80s hit 'Money For Nothing' by turning it on its head. The talky vocal about how evil MTV is very well obesrved, with mixes from Ian Carey and D. Ramirez giving it the chunky house sound it deserves.

7. Shakira Feat. Wyclef - Hips Don't Lie

Ok, I have to admit I have a weird fascination with Shakira. On one level I think her lyrics are just plain bizarre and she shouldn't get away with them (let's face it, she's not Bjork). On a more basic level though I always find her music very poppy and enjoyable, and I catch myself singing one of her songs in the shower, not something I should readily admit to but there you go. She teams up Wyclef Jean for a danceable catchy latin hip shaking number. Good junk food music.

6. Keyshia Cole - LOVE

Standard MOR/ R&B ballad stuff, but Cole has such a gorgeous souful voice and she sings to her lover with such urgency that you can't help but let the song take you over.


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