Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Edward Hopper and todays Pet Peeve!

Ok, so I DIDN'T go to the Edward Hopper exhibit, but I did pick up a book about his art, as a gift for my friend Gary's birthday (who went last week and liked it). And it is really his birthday that caused me to miss going this weekend in the first place. I will go this weekend, as I am taking a break from all the madness that is the gay scene (I'm sure some eyes will roll at this comment, and by friday I may be ready to do it all again) !

Today's Pet Peeve : Football (Soccer) Anthem songs. I just can't get away from these things, and for someone who has zero interest in the game, I just cannot get riled up about these things. The worst pepetrator has got to be 4-4-2's 'Come On England' which has got to be the worst idea of a cover version yet. In a way, its strange that the song went to #2 this week, sort of reminds me of 'Christmas Is All Around Me' in the film Love, Actually.


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