Friday, March 24, 2006

Trust Issues Pt II

Ok, so the other night I run into an acquaintance who is friends with the guy who stole from me last weekend. This acquaintance (lets call him Sucker for now) just became friends with TheifBoy for less than a month and it is clear that he is very infatuated with him. This is how the conversation goes:

Sucker: Hey how are you ?

Me: Good thanks, how have you been ?

S: Good thanks, (TheifBoy) is on his way down soon

M: Oh, I don't speak to him

S: Yeah I know

M: Well, its because he stole from me

Its at this point that Sucker rolled his eyes and excused himself to go to the toilets. Who knows what the guy who stole my money has been saying about me behind my back, but I get the sense that its not very nice AT ALL. In the end he didn't show up at the pub, he was probably warned of my presence. Oh well, I hope that Sucker is careful with his wallet, he seems like a nice guy.


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