Monday, August 14, 2006

The Joy of Makeup

I have been crap at blogging lately, and as a friend pointed out to me recently, putting up photos and music lists has been rather lazy on my part. So a real post, hmmm, what to talk about. Yes the joys of putting on eye makeup which ended up happening as part of a Pirates-themed party at my friends Mike and Steve who always know how to put on a great party. They live in west london and after the party Nick and I ended up in a cab travelling across town to Hoxton for Anti-social which was an amazingly fun night. The rest of the night is a bit of haze, I do remember one bartender telling me that the rule to make-up is that less is more (I think he was being sarcastic) and I do remember being in Crash and Area as well but the exact details of the night are a bit lost on me. I did manage to sleep all of Sunday so feeling popping fresh this morning.


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