Friday, July 09, 2004

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern - A Ritual - Part I

Ok, so I think I need to explain something on here that my many friends in Canada seem completely preplexed by. And that is my weekly migration to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) for the past few months on Sunday afternoon. Needless to say that this has become a ritual in my life that I do not want to break anytime soon (thanks to Steve for introducing me to this wonderful world!). So, where to begin ... well, here's a recap of what is quickly becoming my EVERY SUNDAY (sort of like going to Church if u think about it) :
1:15 pm : I wake up, usually a bit grumpy but still 'up' from the previous night partying (inevitably this occurs at Megawoof or DNA and sometimes XXL). Scramble around my messy flat (I will stay in and CLEAN one weekend, promise) for a clean but dispensable tshirt, jeans that don't smell like smoke and my trusty leather armband / wallet. Hop in for a quick shower, brush my teeth and to the tube station (no time for a shave) !.

2:20 pm: Get to Vauxhall tube station, proud of the fact that I am there early and worry that I will be the first one in the queue. Walk out of the station only to find a queue of about 50 guys in sunglasses. Walkers by and people on the bus are gawking at all these men in shaved heads and sunglasses who are for some reason lining up to get into a bar. At 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon.

2:25 pm: I cross the street and invetiably see a bunch of regulars that I know standing in the queue. A bunch of 'hey how are ya' ...'where were you last night mister' and 'wicked night last night' conversations ensue until I get to the back of the queue. Some queens in front of me are discussing the latest club gossip. So and so got arrested. So and so's boyfriend still went to Action and got off with So and So's ex. You get the idea.

2:50 pm: I get to the front of the queue, pay 6£ and get my wristband. I usually have a 20£ note 'do u have a One Pound Coin' asks the cute boy at the door (I will get his name one day) ... 'oh sure, let me fish for it' I smile. Its a little routine we've got going ... I like it.....

OK... so thats the beginning of the day ... stay tuned for more. I know this is fascinating stuff indeed!


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