Monday, January 31, 2005

Horsemeat Anyone ?

I went to Horsemeat Disco last night at South Central in Vauxhall for the 5th straight weekend (ever since they started to go weekly). My biggest fear when I heard the news that the club will switch from its monthly installments is that it will lose some of its 'event appeal' and that the crowds will start dwindling by the week. Thankfully this has not happened, as the club just keeps getting better and better. There are some regulars that you see every week (including myself) and some new faces, and its always a really nice mixed crowd. The music (mainly retro/ disco / soul) is just fun to dance to, very chilled and funky, and the crowd just get into it. The bar staff and promoter Jim Stanton always make the punters feel at home and there is definite 'I don't want the weekend to end' vibe going on with very little attitude. So if you ever wonder where I am on a Sunday night at around 8pm, I am likely at HMD.


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