Friday, January 21, 2005

The D.E. Experience

Many of my non-London friends have been subjected to this outburst from me at some point in 2004: 'Oh My God, when you come visit, I have to take you go see the Dame Edna Experience at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Its fabulous.' And then the following conversation (or variations of) always happens:

F: Oh my God, I love Dame Edna, he actually does a show in London

R: No its a drag show, the guy dresses as Dame Edna

F: Oh

R: And he tells jokes that are usually very raunchy, not very PC

F: Right...

R: But its more than just that, he sings as well, does the songs really well, impersonating the singers

F: Oh cool, does he change outfits then

R: No, no, no ..... he sings them in his outfit, well the wig comes off during the show

F (in a very worried voice): Sounds NICE ....

... and so on. Its quiet difficult to describe to someone how brilliant the show is without them actually seeing it. I found this video on the Visit London website that may go some way to resolve that, although it still doesn't give you a sense of how much fun the show is or why I go there on an almost weekly basis.


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