Monday, January 17, 2005

Turning Points

I find it quiet amazing that we can witness a turning point in a friends life as its happening. I had a pretty lovely weekend, it was both Steve and Phil's birthday on Friday night, and so about 15 of us went to Wagammama's in Soho for dinner and drinks afterwards. I got Phil a book called London: The Biography which I thought he might like as he is fairly new to the city, and I got Steve a couple of CDs that I knew he'd enjoy.

We went out to XXL on Saturday night, and I had such a lovely time. I was in a very happy space and was surrounded by good-feeling, nice music and friendly faces. A couple of my friends are going through some changes at the minute, Steve is looking to change jobs, Mike and Andy are planning on moving to London (well Essex), Ben is selling his flat, Phil is moving in with his boyfriend. And me, well, I am happy standing still for now, I need the rest, there has been too much change and uncertainty in my life lately. I wonder where all of us will be a year from now as I know I am not in the same place I was a year ago. It will be great to see what all my friends will be doing and how much they will acheive!


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