Thursday, January 13, 2005


Going to go see the film Closer starring Julia Roberts and Jude Law. This is gonna be the THIRD Jude Law film that I have seen in the theatre recently, that gives him a track record of 3 out of 4 films that I have paid money to get into in the past two months. Sky Captain had an average story but was beautifully shot. I *Heart* Huckabees was just weird, although its saving grace was the wonderful performance from Lilly Tomlin. Still, I am looking forward to seeing this one, I usually love Natalie Portman in non-Star Wars pictures and Julia, well what can I say, she's Julia. Look for a review, soon.

On my 'to see' list for the month:

Million Dollar Baby
The Aviator
House Of Flying Daggers
Garden State (MORE Natalie)
Limony Snicket (MORE Jude, he's only a narrator in it though)


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