Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm A Dancer

Last night I was very tired when I got home about 11pm. Logic would dictate that I should have rested my head on the pillow and gone to sleep. But logic went out the window when I came across the film Showgirls on Channel 4. A notoriously awful film, it has all the elements of a great bad sleazy movie. And anchoring it all with great chutzpah is Elizabeth Berkley, who spits, groans and girates throughout the film with a look of 'i'm pissed at the world and I'm gonna get my way'. I am sure Berkley thought she was doing high art and she takes her performance and Nomi's quest for stardom far too seriously. Thankfully Gina Gershon knew better and she camps it up as the bitchy, coke-sniffing, lesbian loving Cristal Connors, the big star who is attracted to and hates Nomi at the same time. I must admit I couldn't stay up for the entire film which I have never seen before, but I'm not ashamed to admit I'm thinking of getting the DVD.


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