Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March Tracks - Time to Rediscover House!

This month has been much better for music following a truly dreary February. A lot of good records out and the monthly track listing is expanded from a top 5 to a top 10 as a result.

10. Corrine Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

I cannot think of a sweeter sounding, more summery track; Corrine is set to be the female equivalent of James Blunt this year, a genuine break out artist. A classic in the making.

9. Crazy P - Sun Sceince

Their follow up to the ever so funky Lady T, this soul house track is one of the first of many dance records charting this month.

8. Orson - No Tommorow

I had the tv on a music channel in the background the other day, and to my surprise I found myself knowing all the lyrics to this track. Not sure how this happened, but it may have to do with the fact that its one of the catchiest rock songs I've heard since the hey days (umm, like last year) of Franz Ferdinand.

7. Ashlee Simpson feat Missy Elliott - L.O.V.E. (Jared Jones Mix)

Ok, I admit it, I am a closet Ashlee Simpson fan. I can't stand the Newlyweds, but give me a tub of ice cream and some chocolate and sit me down for a marathon viewing of The Ashlee Simpson Show and I can be very content. She's not the greatest singer but this song is really catchy, and the remix makes works incredibly well, with one of the best faux-lazy raps from Missy Elliott in quiet some time.

6. Sara Jorge- Beautiful World (M Factor Mix)

One of those dance tracks with a sweet sounding female singing something uplifting and pretty. It will be frogetful in about 3 months time, but this follows the Angel City blueprint to great effect.

5. MYNC Project feat Abigal Bailey - Something On Your Mind

This was #2 on my February charts but it has remained on heavy rotation on my itunes all month long. Watch for MYNC Project's Strobelight (with Danny Rampling) to make an appearance on next months listing.

4. Shapeshifters - Incredible

Another hold-over from last month, the Shapeshifters second follow up to the massive 'Lola's Theme' cements their status as the real deal on the dance scene. I thought this track was a bit dull on first listen, but the MK & MTV and Denis Menace and Ropero mixes more than save it from itself.

3. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Set to be massive when released in the UK next week, this song has a hybrid dance/soul/blues sound that is very unique and memorable. Fantastic.

2. Bob Sinclar feat Steve Edwards - World Hold On

This follow-up single to Love Generation treads the same waters but to much greater effect. Wheras Love Generation was sickly sweet, this is sweet but with an edge; a much deeper sound and an edgier vocal from the fantastic Steve Edwards following up on his great turn on Axwell's 'Watch The Sunrise'

1. Sex Machine feat Shena - Friday Night

Ok, this song is very much a cross between a Freemasons track and Michael Grey's 'The Weekend' but thats not necessarily a bad thing. With massive support from Pete Tong and a chorus that you can't shake out of your head this is set has the potential to be overplayed to death by summertime, so I am going to enjoy it for the time being.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger djmarvel said...

Something On Your Mind is going to be a smash this summer. I stumbled across this clip of the video which seems pretty typical with dj's surrounded by beautiful girls Clip here.


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