Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Big 2-9

OK, so its my birthday today ... what a difference a year makes. I wish I was keeping my blog from this time last year just so I can track the changes that have happened in my life. I am always in a very reflective mood this time of year. So here's what I'm thankful for this year :

- getting close again to my friend Steve (Slick!). We had our rough patch and that made us even stronger. There was a point last April where we had a little chat, and I cried and I became better for it. I don;t think Steve knows how much he means to me. He's the person who has kept me sane throughout my time in London, he's cooler than fuck and he knows it. We have so much fun together and he knows me so well that I can't imagine London and my life without him being a part of it.

- Meeting Ben ... if Steve is my ying, then Ben is my yang. One of the funniest and coolest people in my life, with a big heart and big personality. When I was at my lowest point last year, it was Ben who was there for me. My confidence has grown because of his friendship, and my love for him is endless. I remember nights going to the Ghetto and Bump on sundays getting totally pissed, us starting to be RVT regulars at around the same time. And of course, The Fellowship of the Rim, RamE! Entertainment News and Sparkle, all original Ben creations! (Trademark pending!)

- Joining Imperial Royal Family - Nick, Mother Michael, Chris, Sisi, Richard, Joel, Bob et al ... wow, the nuttiest, funnest, coolest group of people I have ever encountered. They have fully embraced me and I love them all in a very special way. My two titles are those that I hold dear, The Viceroy of Canada and The Gay Hussar. I blame and thank them for my late nights at the LA3 and rough monday mornings.

- All the friends that I have made this year. Wonderful Wonderphil .... If there's anyone I'm looking forward to getting closer to this year it is Phil. Totally caring, wicked sense of humor and a good person on the inside and out ... the k chic walk is a classic.

- All the other people who have entered or stayed in my life, Uncles M and K, Richard and Stephen, Steve and Gary, Mike and Andy, Gary, Andi, Dana, Rob, Don and Phil, and too many others to count and all of whom have helped me come out of my shell this year.

- The friends who I left behind and who are still in my life. The Mit and Marcy have shown me what its like to be strong in the face of the worst that life can throw at you, and coming out the other end even stronger. The Mit has been a rock, and he was my biggest inspiration this year. Sue has kept me grounded and always had the courage to tell me the truth, my best girlfriend. David has loved me unconditionally through it all, if David never entered my life I can't imagine being the person I am today, he has no idea how much I miss him.

- Learning what its like to have self-worth. I wanna thank the two foriegn guys (no names needed) who did a number on me this year and who made me go down that dark path (que Jamelia's 'Thank You'). Without that happening I would have never had to pull myself together and I would still be aimless and wandering at the minute.

- Paris and Brussels - finally travelling in Europe. FAB!!

- MUSIC...songs of the year, Lola's Theme; The Weekend, I Just Wanna Fucking Dance and To The Club - Monday night.... to the club ...

- DME - fantastic. Highlight of the year at Brighton Pride singing 'Beautiful' and feeling so proud and happy.

Ok, this is going down as my most sentimental post, like EVER. Oh well, I can 'do' sentimental just like the rest. I wonder how i'll feel at 30!


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