Friday, August 06, 2004

My life as it stands at the moment

Overall Feeling : Mostly Content - Sometimes Happy

Work : Too busy and stressful at the minute

Family : Emotionally far away and distant.

Friends: They are great. There are the ones in London who deep down I want more from them than what they can offer, and thats more my problem than theirs. So I'll deal. The ones in Canada I just miss and wish they can see me now and see how much i've grown. I regret that they haven't been able to share in my journey, but it had to be done!

Gay Scene : I have reached the point of loving being 'on the scene' far too much. I am in my element whenever I go to bars and clubs. I know lots of people, others always seem happy to see me and in general I love dancing and socializing. Of course there is the Tavern, Megawoof, DNA, LA3, Horsemeat Disco and XXL.

Drinking : Have slowed down steadily.

Drugs: Usage has increased steadily.

Music : Right now I love Jojo's 'Leave (Get Out)' and Shapeshifters 'Lola's Theme'. And I have discovered the magic that is Barbra Streisand and Donna Summers 'No More Tears' ...

TV: Yes I am addicted to Big Brother. And I can own up to it. *Go Nadia*

Home: I have to move home soon. That sucks but it doesn't hugely suck. I love my flat, but I don't like that I get woken up by high speed trains plowing through every night *these are real trains .. heads out of the gutter people*

Films: I loved Spiderman 2 - it just rocked (even if I didn't like Kirsten Dunst as much this time around)

Favorite Saying : Life isn't the dress rehearsal, its opening night !


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