Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Day in Paradise

Yet another quiet saturday afternoon, not much going on ... no cousin / family duties to attend to thankfully, but nothing else to occupy my time. Hence being inside a humid internet cafe on a nice sunny day typing away on my weblog. Pathetic or what ... its days like these that make me want to have a boyfriend more than anything. I don't like spending my weekends on my own, especially during the day, and I don't want to see a film or read a book or go to a gallery, i just want to spend the day cuddled up on the sofa or lying on the grass somewhere with someone i love, but that ain't happening anytime soon is it. Its probably why i go to the RVT on a regular basis on sunday afternoons, at least i get that sense of community to fill up my sunday, cause I hate to think of spending both saturday and sunday like this. Anyway, feeling a bit isolated and tired at the minute, i'm sure it will pass by the evening, but this is the here and now. So there !


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