Friday, September 17, 2004


Went and saw a play called Sweet at the Tristan Bates Theatre last night which was really interesting. The play was written and directed by Rikki Beadle Blair who wrote the tv series Metrosexuality. This is my second visit to the Tristan Bates Theatre and I have to say its a great venue that puts on good theatre for really cheap. The play in itself was well written, and well acted for the most part. The first act is the strongest, we meet three south london gay friends, Mickey P, Justin and Felix, they are young and gay and are already jaded by all the drugs and posing on the scene. They run into their old high school bully Fitzroy in a gay club and wonder what he's doing there. Through a series of events, Fitzroy is passed out and tied up as all three boys want to exact their revenge in their own way. We find out that Fitzroy and Felix had sex in high school and that he still has feelings for him, Justin plays hard to get with his boyfriend, and Mickey P meets an older policeman who is willing to wait for him to fall in love with him. This is where the play takes an unexpected turn. All three characters are aimless and are trying to find their place in life, and we see them transform over a period of ten years. We check in on them each year over year to see their progress. I have to say I felt the second act was a bit rushed and unfocused in what it wanted to say. We just check in on the characters transitions and they all seem very rushed. We are just supposed to accept Fitzroy's transformation from thug to gay councillor wihtout a blink of an eye. Still, overall the dialogue is very funny, and the actors pull it off their characters quiet well. So a good night out and on the cheap. MY friend and I paid £15 for our tickets (he had student concessions) which is quiet amazing for London.


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