Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians are HERE!!!!

With Svetlana Kuznetsova (yet another 'ova') winning the US Open this year I found this great saying on one of the sports sites
'Its no longer a Russian Revolution, its a Russian Occupation.' Indeed, Myskina (who I am fearing maybe losing her edge) won the French, Sharapova won Wimbledon. Making it 3 out of 4 Grand Slams (Henin won the Australian) won by Russians this year, compared to 0 out of 4 in all other years. This makes the womens game very exciting at the minute. The number one player (Maurismo) hasn't even won a grand slam tournament and it seems that the Williams Sisters are not getting back their form quickly enough. I also doubt that when they do that they will dominate in the same manner. (Ok, so Serena was a bit robbed with those line calls this year, but had this been 2002 she still would have won that match against Capriati, and there lies the difference).

On the other hand, the men's game is getting less exciting. Thats because there's Federer (effectively he is as invincible as Serena Williams was 2 years ago) and then there's everyone else. I think Federer is great, and he may well turn out to be the next Sampras. I would really like Roddick and Hewitt to give him a challenge, and I'm afraid that Henman will never win a Grand Slam if Federer is the person on the other side of the net at some point in the tournament.
And speaking of tennis, am I the only who thinks the trailer for Wimbledon makes it look like the worst film about sports to come out in recent times. I mean, c'mon, its all just an excuse to get Kirsten Dunst in a little white skirt. You can see the trailer yourself at this link :


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