Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Next Stop : Pure FILTH!

Also on the tube home last night I started thinking of Tube Station names and how they can be changed to Porno Titles. When I mentioned this to my good friend Ben on OutInTheUk he decided to post a thread in the boards about it. Here are some of the best entries (a * denotes one of my own entries) :

  • Earl's Whore *
  • Cybill Shepherd's Bush*
  • Action Town *
  • Swiss Cottaging
  • Breast Hampstead
  • Moanington Crescent
  • St John's Got Wood
  • Arse-n-al
  • Bondage Street
  • Whoreditch
  • Royal Poke *
  • Marley's Boner
  • Marble Ass
  • Up Mister
  • Bang Her Lane
  • Hammer Miss Smith (I also like 'Change here to Hammer Miss Smith and Cindy' Line)


At 12:49 PM, Blogger peavey said...

don't forget:

Pick my willy

tottenham cunt rind


bell sized arch


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