Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Only Gay In The Village

Well, it has been a very BUSY few weeks down here on my end. I have moved (YAY) to a nice little one bedroom flat which has its own garden. Its in Brackenbury Village in Hammersmith, about a ten minute walk from my office, so very convenient. I still manage to make into work late, not sure why. I noticed that my area is one of only a few in London where EVERYONE RECYCLES. All these recycling bags were out today, and I'll be honest I felt really guilty as I have been so busy with just throwing things out that I haven't bothered. I will start from today though. Its a nice area, very suburban and quiet which I like. It is a bit of a trek from where most of my friends live, but maybe that'll discourage me from going out as much (not likely). I also have a feeling that I am the only homo within a 2 mile radius .... which is fine so far, but I'm sure all the grandmas will have a heart-attack when the next leatherdaddy shows up at my door with nothing on but chaps, a harness and a leather whip (well, one can dream!) ...


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