Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Awkward Hellos !

I went into the Tesco's across from my office this afternoon, and ran into an aquaintaince there who also lives in the area. Now we are both gay men, and whenever we see each other in a 'gay space' we give a kiss hello. But because we were in a supermarket in a suburban-esque part of London our greeting turned into this weird uncmfortable hug thing where I leaned over to kiss him and he recoiled a bit, so I ended up putting my hand on his shoulder. I never know the etiquette in these situations and it always bugs me that it turns into this awkward greeting. Had we been two straight people our greeting would have been much more natural. I don't blame my friend either as I have done the recoil thing to others in the past based on where I was and what time of day it was.

So thats my whing for the day!


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