Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Been a long time since I've done a music related post, so here goes. My guide for the top 5 essential new tunes this summer (and no Axel F and that Crazy Frog didnt' make the cut) ...

1. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

Ok, so this doesn't exactly scream 'summer party track' at you. But imagine being on the beach (ok or in your bedroom with the window open) and a hot summer breaze is blowing through. You are with your loved one and this track is playing. Pop open the champagne, dance with your partner close and have that magic moment with Mariah's emotional vocal playing in the background. My early favorite for song of the year.

2. Herd & Fitz - Just Can't Get Enough

Already starting to make ripples on dancefloors everywhere, this has such a beautiful bassline, pristine production and a gorgeous vocal that you won't help but feel good listening to it. Now that you've had that magic moment in the bedroom, this is the song you must dance to with your partner in the club.

3. Deep Dish - Say Hello

Staying with the funky chilled house tracks, Deep Dish's latest has a hypnotic feel to it that you just can't shake off. A fantastic piano riff in the middle and a dreamy vocal make it a superb summer track to listen to on that 4 am drive to the after-hours.

4. Ciara feat Ludacris - Oh

After great success with crunk hits (an over-hyped genre if you ask me) Goodies and 1,2 Step, Ciara comes up with this sexy track full of suggestive cooing and a dirty beat to match. Even Luda's somewhat lazy rap can't diminish how great this track is, so be ready to grab someone for a bump and grind.

5. Blackrock - Bluewater (Vocal Version)

This is just a straight up fun party track that will get those musclemarys and their admirers to raise their hands at every club this summer. A simple arrangement that just builds up slowly throughout is this tracks great strength.


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