Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, Isn't He Just Fant-a-bulous

One little interesting thing I've observed from looking at bear411 (or is that eurowoof) profiles here in Toronto, the guys just LOVE to announce how wonderful and great their partner is. A random sampling of profiles gives you the following results:

'seeing a very special, wonderful bear'

'check out my hot hot hot partner *insert partner name here* '

'married to the most wonderful man, he's great'

Now compare and contrat to some uk profiles :

'happily partnered'

'coupled, just looking for mates'

.... you get the idea. Herein' lies a difference I think in the two cultures. The first being slightly insecure and always 'bigging up' what they got (isn't my boyfriend just the most greatest person on earth') , the latter being a lot more relaxed and secure in what they got (yes I have a boyfriend, with all the entails, I don't go into much detail about it). I am not saying the insecurities are limited to one place and not the other, but it seems more prevailent in one place ... maybe its just my own prejudices coming in the way. Maybe I need more than 5 hours sleep to type stuff like this into my blog. Not sure. Just thought it interesting.


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