Monday, May 02, 2005

An update!

So I have been back in Toronto for about 5 days now. Jet-lag is almost gone, my liver is hurting from all the beer I've drank and my whole system is numb with the thought that I may have to move back here for good. I love Toronto, its my home, but I just don't feel like I can belong here at all. I always thought that maybe it was staying at my parents that made me a bit apprehensive when going out, but now I realise its the city itself. Everyone here is so conscious about the way they're supposed to behave and how they should look, that I just want to shake everyone I meet and tell them to just RELAX. Its ok to act like yourself, but I guess its hard when everyone is looking at you with judgemental eyes. I had dinner with a girlfriend of mine last night and she agreed that people here are a lot less open than many other big cities she's been to. On the plus side its been really good to catch up with my good friends, who I realize I've stayed friends with because they are open and accepting individuals, and thats why I love them so much.


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