Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol Top 5 - Chris Daughtry

4. Chris Daughtry

Musical Style
Alt-rock music; Creed meets Live by way of Three Doors Down, which is great if you are into that type of thing.

Shaved headed muscley rocker dude, but with a sensitive side (he's like a loving husband and father of two, you guys!)

The Good
I love Chris's voice, it is so clean and with such a nice tone to it and he hardly ever hits a bum note. He has evolved as a performer throughout the competition and can command the stage, and in his case unique is a good thing. He is best when he goes soft and doesn't sing inaccessible rock tracks (even on Queen night he managed to sing an obscure single). He managed to soften up in the in the past two weeks so there is potential that he will go all the way.

The Bad
Chris has a tendency to be 'very indulgent' as Simon has mentioned before, and you feel like his CD collection doesn't have anything that won't be played on alt-radio, circa 2001. He is a bit one-dimensional and most of his mid-season performances meshed into one.

The Ugly
There is a definite sense that the producers are pushing for Chris to win, and its part of the reason why I don't want him to anymore. He may be a worthy winner, but no other contestant has gotten a (perceived) better treatment from the producers of the show, smoke machines and guitar players (twice) when he is on stage just reek of favoritism.

Favorite Performance

His rendition of What A Wonderful Word two weeks ago finally got me back on the pro-Chris side after weeks of getting annoyed with his one-dimensional performances, but its not enough to land him in my personal top 3.


At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL, the season is over. Chris did not win.

I just listened to his recorded perfromances. I also listened to the other top 3 singers.

Folks, we blew it. Chris should have won.

I hope he goes on to be the biggest and the best!



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