Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kick Pickler (or the I Am Not Ashamed To Be Obsessed With American Idol Post)

If you are as annoyed as I am by Kellie Pickler and her very fake 'I'm only a dumb blonde hick' act on Ameircan Idol then you should check out the KickPickler site. From the looks of it, Kellie is a much more seasoned performer (and beauty paegent contestant if you can believe it) than she has led on. I am truly annoyed by her and the fact that she escapes being voted out mainly because of her 'entertainment' value is quiet shocking. Could we be looking at the Jasmine Trias of this year, a relatively less talented singer who will keep pushing through to the later stages of the contest based on personality alone ? For what its worth, I am fast becoming a Paris Bennett fan after her amazing performance on last week's show and I think she may pull a Diana Degarmo and surprise everyone by sticking around to the finals.

That should be Pick Paris then.


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