Thursday, April 13, 2006

#3 - Trick (1999)

In Trick, Christian Campbell (Neve's brother) stars as Gabriel, a young likeable songwriter who cruises and picks up a dancer called Mark (John Paul Pitoc) and the both of them spend the night trying to find a place to be alone so that they can have their one-night stand with obstacles always getting in their way. I really loved this film when it came out, not least of which because I've always been a closet Donna Martin, errr I mean Tori Spelling fan and she gives a really funny manic performance as Gabriel's very annoying best friend. The real reason I loved the film is because of the love story that develops as these two young guys wander around New York City in the middle of the night until the dawn break as they are forced to get to know each other because of circumstances out of their control. Jim Falls shoots the scenes on the streets and in the clubs with a degree of familiarity and captures perfectly what it is like in those late hours in the big city for young gay men, its a real treat.


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