Monday, April 17, 2006

A Big Weekend

I will get back to my top 5 film listing soon and reveal the #1. It has been a very hectic week over here, my friend James has been visiting from Canada and I've been busy taking him out and trying to show him a good time in London. The boy likes to party, and who am I to get in the way of that. Its been really nice having another Canadian around, and we have gotten along really well, I think he was a bit overwhelmed by how many people I know on the scene. On the cab back home last night he said 'everyone knows who you are, not one person I spoke to didn't know who I was talking about when I said I was staying with you.' I guess that's nice, although there is something to be said about being a bit more fresh-faced and anonymous, like James was this week.

Anyway, I think I have done enough partying to last me a solid month, just waiting for the inevitable comedown to kick in this week, that is not going to be fun.


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