Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yet Another Best of List

Yes, yes, its very original. But in the always changing world of London's gay club scene, I believe that a guide to the best nights on at the moment is crucial. Had this been two months ago for example, my #1 on this list would have been LA3 @ 333. Ofcourse, now the LA3 name has moved on to another venue (FIRE, which has also claimed my other favorite night, DNA) , and the night is still untested in my eyes to warrant a placement. Here are my favorite 3 clubs in London.


Oh , what a difference a few months make. Beyond used to be one of my least favorite nights, and I always avoided it the way Kirstie Alley avoids low-carb food. But now , I can't get enough of the place. The music is in a word, awesome. The main room bumps with the most progressive, uplifting, hardest funky house music which manages somehow to sound fresh and also familiar at the same time. The DJs know exactly what will make the punters move, and in response they throw their hands in the air in total submission. The venue has also improved, its a lot darker now but in a good way and it feels more spacious for some reason. There are comfortable sofas to lounge on in the second room while its a decidely funkier chilled set being played on the smaller second dancefloor. The bar staff are also very friendly now. Even the crowd seems to have forgotten about their attitude. There's also a really nice mix of everyone flooding out of Action or Crash and wanting to contine the party.


If anyone knows what a good time is, its the people who come to HMD whenever it is on. There is a really great mix of people, from the hardcore bears and skins who need a break from all those SClub Almighty mixes being played down the street at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, to the sk8er bois who have managed to discover that the world doesn't begin and end at the Ghetto in Soho. Sometimes, a diverse crowd doesn't work if the emphasis was more on image and less on music and having a good time. Thankfully promoter Jim Stanton and co. keep it squarley on the music, which is unlike anything else being played on a sunday nighter in London. Its a decidedly retro/disco vibe, but you cant' really define or box it as a particular sound. If its old school and can make you boogie, chances are you'll hear it at Horsemeat. And chances are you'll come back again and again!


I was slightly put off by Megawoof about 2 months ago (sorry Didz!), and I wasnt sure why. All the required elements were still there. Horny Fit Bears: Check. A Crowded Club: Check. A Crowded Dark Room: Also Check! Funky Music House: Check! Funky and Uplifting House Music: Ummm. So that where the problem lied. For some reason the music policy stopped emphasizing the 'fun' and 'uplifting' elements, and focused more on the harder stuff. So you were dancing hard and still having a good time, but were left just drained by the end of the night. Thankfully Daz, Didz and the boys have heeded our advice and the last two outings at Megawoof have brought us back to the fun times that have made this night a staple on my clubbing schedule. Crash has started to improve as a venue (moving us closer to the DJ box REALLY WORKS) and the lighting system along with it. There is room for improvement to make the night an exceptionally great night, for now I'll settle for a consistently good one !


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