Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Papa Don't Preach

It was bound to happen, since my parents have laid off on the topic of marriage for the time being (see this post) they have opened up their second favorite topic, my handling of my money. I made the mistake of asking my dad for a little loan to cover up my expenses on my Canadian account (money that I have but didn't want to take out of my other accounts). This led to a lively discussion about how much money I actually save on a monthly basis and a curiosity as to where it all goes. Since they are unaware of my many extracurricular activities (mainly clubbing) my parents are justifiably baffled about how little I actually do save. I usually don't let them interfere or ask about such matters, but since I needed the little loan it was difficult for me not to listen to the lecture.

The lecture inevitably led to some advice about 'getting your life together, you're now almost 30' which had in it many not-so-subtle references to settling down and getting married. I can see my dad is still quiet hurt about me leashing out on him last week and was in a 'its your life if you wanna ruin it' mode, it was quiet the tour de force. Mum was adamant that I will indeed ruin my life if I 'follow my current path,' with sufficient glee. And so it goes, another day, another way to make me feel the guilt. Fun.


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