Thursday, November 18, 2004

Top 5 Songs

Ok, so I wrote this email to the lovely Brad, who I only met over the weekend, about my five favorite tracks at the minute. Clearly, it turned into a mini-review of the five songs that I love at the minute. So, here's a copy of the email (and I know of one person who will kill me for putting the Danni Minogue song on it, after protesting for the better part of a month on how it completely ruined the original instrumental by Flower Power).

My top 5 would be (with commentary !!):

1. A-Studio feat Pollina :'SOS' - Skylark Vocal Mix (really amazing vocal that has a wonderful immediacy to it with a heavy bassline, I go into full-on dance mode when I hear this in a club)

2. Michael Grey : 'The Weekend' - Original mix (I heard this back in the summer, just a fun record, but they added extra vocals when it was released as a single, which I hated)

3. Coco and Villa : 'La Noche' -Julian Poker Mix (the most amazing instrumental, really beautiful, lots of strings and guitars, one to dance to with someone you really like, holding them close and having that magic moment)

4. Danni Minogue feat Flower Power - 'You Won't Forget About Me' (uses the instrumental called 'Flower Power' by Flower Power and puts a very catchy vocal from Ms Minogue on top)

5. Angel City - 'Do You Know (I go Crazy)' (which samples Children by Robert Miles with a really gorgeous trancy vocal ... ! )


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