Thursday, November 18, 2004

Step One to Coming Out - Courage!

I am beginning to realize that this weblog has dealt with (more than anything) my coming out process and my ever changing view of family and friends. I really hoped it would show my other dimensions, but hey this is whats dominating my life at the minute, so there. With this visit to Canada, the main thing that has pre-occupied my time has been my dishonesty to my parents about my homosexuality (for many reasons, I'd rather not get into).

I still haven't come out, but after today, the possibility of me doing so has become much more plausible. They have harassed me about marriage (to a good Muslim girl) for the past week in a relentless fashion. I would have never imagined standing up to them and telling them to leave me alone, which is precisely what I did today. I even told them not to hold their breath about me getting married anytime soon. A very big step indeed, as I used to just nod agreement and make an excuse as to why I haven't found 'her' yet. Funnily it wasn't as bad as I expected, me actually standing up to them and actually telling them what I thought for once, instead of just appeasing them. And I didn't even feel guilty even though they did look hurt and bewildered by my sudden outburst on independance.

So, second step would be ....... ?????????????????????


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