Saturday, November 13, 2004

Update .... Day 3

So, its day 3 in Toronto now , and boy oh boy how terribly exciting its all been. I went to renew my driver's license yesterday and my healthcare today. The first was a piece of cake, the latter was a problem as I no longer reside in Canada, I don't qualify for government assisted healthcare. The lady behind the counter looked at me like some sort of fiend trying to rob the Canadian taxpayers of their hard-earned money by sponging off the healthcare system . I realized on the way home that I have no travel insurance (as I was relying on my Canadian healthcare during the trip) and drove VERY SLOWLY.

The past week has been absolutely crazy. There was the BIG WEEKEND OUT last weekend, where I did everything under the sun for a period of 72 hours that were unforgettable. I got much closer to my friends in London and it was a really nice time. I was also a complete wreck at the time, getting very anxious about my impending visit to Canada and seeing my family. So far things have gone as expected, my parents and sister bringing up the topic of marriage on an average of 4 times a day in the last 2 days alone. I have learned to completely shut them out when they are speaking, they have chosen to ignore the fact that I'm ignoring them and have kept on going (with what must be a fully rehearsed script that each of them has memorized). Still, life at home has been good, I have been catching up on sleep, reading, watching trashy tv and just detoxing overall, which I have needed to do.

Saw David and the Mit last night, and I went back to my old haunts on Church Street. Black Eagle, Woody's and Crews. It was really nice to get back and be all nostalgic , although I am convinced now more than ever that the place where I belong is London. I didn't really feel like myself when I was out last night, but that may have more to do with my jet-lag and tired state last night.

Still, time spent with my friends is always fantastic, and I love those two so much, a part of me wishes I can be here for them more. David and I just have so much fun together that we got right back into things within 2 minutes of seeing each other. Of course, he is still the one who gets all of the attention, and people still mistake us for boyfriends (it happened TWICE last night) and I think that's the way I like it. The Mit just brings me back to the ground, and he did that last night, although he was extremely drunk by the end of the evening. I cannot look at at him without having a smile on my face.

Anyway, this is my report from Canadia for now, I will update it with more fascinating stuff in the next week hopefully.


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