Monday, November 01, 2004

A Very Sad Day

Last night, David Morley, who survived the bomb attack on the Admiral Duncan a few years ago and was well known to many in London's gay community was attacked and killed on his way home from a club. It is believed that the attack, one of many that night, was homophobic. Its quiet a sad day for myself as it hits home in more ways than one. I have walked alone late at night from clubs and this could conceivably happen to any one of us, I am quiet lucky that I take cabs home as I live quiet far away. It is scary that in this day and age, in a big city like London, hatred and bigotry still exist, and they are able to manifest themselves in such a despicable fashion. Although I never knew him, I understand that David had a close friendship with some of my dearest friends and my thoughts and deepest condolances are with them and with everyone who has lost him this weekend.

Hope you rest in peace.


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