Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Strangers In The Night

This has been a truly strange week in that I have befriended (or made the aquaintance) more than one new person during my nights out in London. I am not talking about people I've met for sex or anything sordid like that. I'll just tell you about the most interesting one.

I met this Morrocan guy, my mini-cab driver from the 333 on Sunday night. Now, I usually just sit in the back-seat and sleep, but for some reason I jumped into the front seat. It was 2 in the morning, I was off my head (as per usual) and he started telling me about his life. He told about how his family of seven lived in poverty as children, and now most of them live in Europe making decent money by doing work no one else wants to do (like driving drugged out queens from Old Street to Hammersmith at 2 am for a lousy £16). To him, this life is better than the one he had. I also told him about my life story, and he listened, and although from the sounds of it he is a devout Muslim, he understood me and where I was coming from. He was sympathetic and kind and I don't think I've ever shared that much about my life with a total stranger before. It was very theraputic in a way, I told him whatever came to my mind and I didn't care about the consequence. When I got home he wished me luck and drove off into the night. Maybe I will see him again one day.


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