Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I *heart* Lozenges

Ok, so I lost my voice on Sunday evening, much to the amusement of some of my friends. It was really weird not being able to talk for a few hours as I am a 'chatty kathy' as some might say. Anyway, lets recap.... Saturday night was brilliant, lots of sexy men at Megawoof (yes Richard, it will RISE to the top of my list) and I even got a bit of action on the night (too many details to share on this PG-rated website). Suffice it to say it was good for the ego, and the dancing was good for the soul. I've been so depressed lately that it was fantastic to just release all my tension and have fun. Also went to Beyond, it was nice, it was fun, not much to report.

Anyway, so Sunday I am minding my biz at Horsemeat Disco and my voice is slowly creeping away from me. The number of people who said 'sucking too much dick' as if they were the first person to think of it was staggering. Still, it was funny trying to communicate with just my facial expression and hands. And I did get some belly laughs as dear Michael tried to teach me how to hit on a guy while unable to speak to him. And I just sat and observed people most of the night and went home with a nice feeling inside. So, I lost my voice this weekend, but I regained my sanity. So, a good weekend then.


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