Monday, May 23, 2005

Just What Exactly Is Wrong With You .... ?

That is usually the way I interpret the comment 'so howcome you don't have a boyfriend then ?', which I heard twice from two different people on Friday night. I know its meant to be a compliment, but my over-analytical brain tries to struggle for an answer. My usual response is 'I just haven't found someone that has sparked my interest' or the more conceited 'I'm just a picky guy', but in real honesty I don't know the answer. I was surprised when a friend told me yesterday that he wished he had the same confidence that I show when in a social situation since I've always seen it as the other way around. I guess I am confident enough in my personality to speak to people in social situations, and maybe people mistake that for sexual confidence, which I don't really have. I guess the real answer is that at the moment, with the way my life is set up I don't think I have the mental energy or drive to commit to a relationship. And thats probably not an answer people would want to hear.


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