Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Best Songs of 2005 - Part II

Here comes entries 11 to 15 :

15. Mariah Carey - Its Like That

The first of two entries for Ms Carey, this was her big comeback single from the massive Emancipation of Mimi album. Mariah at her vocal best, with excellent prodcution value from Jermaine Dupris, this could have been a strong song of the year contender for me. However, the presence of the shrill Fatman Scoop at the end of the track costs this song dearly. Fatman is a great producer no doubt, but can he please shut up!

14. Lee Ryan- Army of Lovers

First Kelly Osbourne, and now an ex-Blue member, but I can't help loving this song. Its two and half minutes of pure ballad genius with a soaring vocal from Lee. Fantastic.

13. Fallen Angels - City Life (Ian Carey Remix)

Ian Carey provides a great electro-rock beat to this dance track, all about how great big city life is, no matter where you are from. A very under-appreciated track.

12. Max Linen - Back To Mine

Linen was reponsible for last years infectious 'Flashback', and he uses a similar male voice-over on this follow-up, to tell a story about meeting a wild girl at a club and taking her back to her place. The story has a very funny twist in the end, and a sublime bassline to boot.

11. Destiny's Child - Soldier

The DC girls go crunk, and they are looking for some tough thugs, and it works for the most part. The rapping on this track is a bit dull, but is made up for by a seductive minimalist beat and an assured vocal performance from Beyonce and Co. One of the few highlights on the disappointing Destiny Fullfilled album.


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