Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Its amazing how sometimes the smallest thing will bring joy to my face. Case in point, today I had to go to my doctors office to get my flu jab. I didn't realise that in the UK you have to be over 65 or have some other medical condition to get it on the NHS, so I actually didn't get the jab and now I have to find a private clinic to administer it. And being that I am lazy, I doubt that that will happen. If I get the flu this winter then I will have to consign myself to the fact that I 'tried' to get the jab and the stupid doctor wouldn't let me.

So I leave my doctors, and because I have to go to the high street to do some banking I take an unusual route that I've never taken before. And lo and behold, I find a Starbucks tucked into the corner of the street, an EMPTY Starbucks. I usually have to fight my way through the busy Starbucks thats located by the train station, and its always a stressful experience when all I want is my Tall Non-Fat Latte, No Foam, thank you very much. On Sunday there was a woman, who used her baby's pram to take over the entire 'milk/sugar' area and would not move it although there was 3 disgruntled people waiting behind her. Needless to say, the latte wasn't worth the stress. So now, not only is this Starbucks emptier, its even closer to where I live, and although I am in principal against this big corporate entity taking over every neighbourhood in London, I am glad that I have one in my neighbourhood.


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