Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Arch Nemesis

Ok, admittedly the single life can be a very competitive one, and going to bars as at times akin to being on a battleground, a very subtle battleground. There is a lot of jealousy and insecurity floating about, and it can get a bit vicious. Its even a bit more difficult with queens as there is that whole narcisstic element to our cruising / dating habits, and unlike in the straight world, being promiscuous isn't necessarily frowned upon (at least not in London). Battles are won and lost with words not fists. Which brings me to the guy who I have secretly dubbed my Arch nemesis (AN).

Now to the casual observer, you would think that we are friends or at least good acquaintances. We always kiss hello, make small talk and generally are nice to each other. This is all one big facade, as AN and I don't really like each other. I used to think it was one-sided (me not liking him) but I've come to realize that he feels the same way about me. We don't like each other because we don't find the other one attractive (of this I'm sure) but at the same time we go after the same trade. Of course it doesn't help that I think AN is very dull and a bit fake with people, but nevermind. Clearly, there is a lot of resentment between us, if AN is with someone I fancy I get really irritated, and I've noticed that AN gives me death stares when I'm with someone he fancies. I don't really see the attraction and I'm sure that's how he views it from his side. We are always in each others territory and in a weird way its a bit of fun being competitive with him.

So, I see AN last night, run into him at the bar while ordering a drink and we are chatting. He's struggling to just even ask me how I am, but he knows he can't ignore me, we run in the same social circles and it would be a bit rude. We make conversation, we're fake smiling and nodding our way through a strained conversations, asking each other about how the weekend went. His, not so good, as he's been banned from a club that I always frequent. I am trying to look sympathetic but deep down I am really joyous, as he won't be coming into my territory at that particular place. I give AN my most sympathetic 'hope they let you back in', trying to hide my glee, I pick up the drinks and head back to my friends. Yes, I know I'm evil and its bad karma to gain joy from others misery, but I can't help myself.


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