Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Heath .... Jake ... OMFG!!!!!!

Just came across the poster for Brokeback Mountain today, and man does it look romantic. I read on that the producers were influenced heavily by the poster for Titanic for this, and it looks like they are not shying away from the fact that this is a gay love story. A big budget Hollywood production that tackles the issues of unrequited love and the emotional turmoil that many closeted gay men have gone (and still go) through. I couldn't even imagine that such a film would exist any time soon, let alone be a likely Oscar contender. Hopefully many people will go see it, and maybe people will become a bit more open minded about gay love. I know it seems that we live in very progressive times, but with the gay marriage issue heating up in the United States, and with cases of queer-bashing and murder here in London, I don't think we are as open as a society as we would like to think.

Not sure when its going to get a release in the UK, but I personally cannot wait.


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