Friday, November 11, 2005

Lets Focus People

I was reading through my blog yesterday and noticed that I do about maybe an entry a week, which really is a bit shameful. I should at least write SOMETHING everyday even if its bitch about the mouldy na'an bread I got with my Tesco ready meal yesterday (expiration date November 15th, man, I really hate Tescos sometimes!)

Anyway, so time to focus, re-group and re-adjust. I am taking the plunge and going back to studying, today I will place a call with the CIMA people to see if the courses I took back in Canada for my degree count for any exemptions and then I will register as a student. And then I will figure out a way to actually PAY for the courses and exam papers. Yes its backwards, but if I force myself into the situation then I will have to be resourceful. Ummm, any donations are accepted and appreciated.

I am also making a concious decision to reduce my going out / clubbing / partaking in narcotic substances (i can hear everyone laughing at this now, but its true). I am going to have to, I would imagine if I only went out one weekend out of four in the month then I would save about 300 quid a month, easy, and that ladies and gentleman is my fees money! Now the temptation will be there of course, and I do have visits to Manchester and Brussels coming up this month, and then its gonna be Xmas time and New Years and its a vicious cycle that I can easily fall into, so who knows, I am weak man, but I have to at least try, I am 30 and not getting any younger.


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