Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Night In and MINDY !!!!!

Its been a very busy and tiring week after my birthday weekend, which turned out to be really great. I didn't know what to expect but the party was a success, people said they had a good time and there was a really good turnout. I have finally fully grasped and embraced the idea that in fact I am fairly well liked, and its a very nice feeling.

I think now is time for me to stop all the partying and slow down. I was by London Bridge this afternoon and walked past Borough Market and thought to myself, I've lived in London for four years and I've never had a saturday lunch in there. There are so many things that I don't do with my free time because I spent my Saturdays sleeping off the night before and my Sundays at the RVT and Horsemeat Disco. Not that I haven't had a great time, and I won't trade the past couple of years for anything, but something has got to give.

Now, there is something else I need to talk about, and thats my new friend Mindy! Now, Mindy is a pretty new friend, I've only known her for about 3 weeks, but I am afraid our friendship will be shortlived. She;s a firey red-head from West London with a tendency to overstay her welcome at times. See Mindy is this huge zit that I've had on my forehead that I haven't been able to get rid off, so I decided to name it. She is a total biatch, ruining all my birthday photos (honestly, your eyes are drawn away from peoples faces and directly to Mindy in each shot), and because I picked on her she's left what I fear is a lasting mark. Its been fairly annoying, but I am gonna miss the little lady once she's gone, after all I won't have her to complain about if she is no longer there.

Ok, thats it, off to bed now ! Friday night, 10 pm and I'm going to sleep, 30 isn't all its cracked up to be :-)


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