Saturday, September 17, 2005

Staying Dry

Well, as many of you might already know my place got flooded last Friday night. It has been a bit of a nightmare in that my landlady did not react as quickly as I would have liked. Thankfully not much has been damaged, aside from my good spirits. I was homeless for about a week, I stayed at my friend Lee's for a night, Uncles M&K for three and another friend Duncan til last night. Thankfully I am back home, the place is all dried out, there is new carpeting on the ground and there isn't as much of a smell in the place (although there is a slight dampness that hasn't gone away just yet). The biggest victim of all this has been my clothes many of which were thrown on the ground, and even after a few washings may need to be thrown in the bin ... something that some of my fashionably minded friends might get excited about. I am also getting a break on my rent, which will go in some way to fund my birthday party at the end of the month, something I am really looking forward to. It has been a very crazy summer, too many strange and unpleasant things happening in my life, and to be honest I am surprised I haven't gone a bit bonkers or developed some sort of addiction to glue. But its over now and I am looking forward to a not so crazy autumn, fingers crossed.


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