Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mr Popular ?

It’s a warm Monday night, and as I walk into Comptons I am greeted by a barrage of kiss-hellos and ‘alright babes’ until I finally manage my way to the over-crowded bar to get a cheap drink. An acquaintance of mine is observing this and pronounces ‘you know everyone don’t you’, to which I faintly reply ‘yes, I know, I know’. In fact I have kept count, and at least 5 people have made this comment to me this past weekend alone.

I am not writing about this so I can gloat about my popularity status on the bear/club/whatever scene, there is just as many people who I know, who know more and are known by more people, you know? But I was thinking about how I really thrive on human interaction, I like to entertain people and so I am always ‘on’ in a bar setting especially. It’s a far cry from the shy boy I used to be (true believe it or not) who didn’t know how to act at all when surrounded by strangers, who used to stand around in constant fear of being made fun of. And for that reason, I enjoy the attention, even if all of it is on some small stage that doesn’t mean much to people who live outside of London. Its also the reason why I’ll always be a social person, its in my nature to be so and I get a high from it. So next time you see me out, and you notice that I know a lot of people, just nod and smile and say hello, because I am sure it will stay that way for a long time to come.


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