Friday, June 24, 2005

friday night lights

I haven't posted a proper post in a while, and its friday night and i am sitting at home eating a turkey sandwich ... so this might be a long'ish one *whoo* ... I've got the headphones listening to a repeat of Pete Tong's show on the BBC radio1 site. Life has been very busy at the minute, but finally starting to feel a bit settled at my new place. I fell down a sit of stairs the other week and bruised my left arm and left butt-cheek (which I think I mentioned in my previous post) ... I am a lot more healed now. I finally registered with a doctor, 3 years into living in London... yes I'm a bit slow on these things. I have been going through some stuff with my brother that has gotten me a bit down lately, and that has served as a bit of reality check about my situation at the minute. I have for the first time as far as I can remember, not been able to just go out without thinking about money (ie I have none!)... things look a bit bleak but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I think its a good thing that i'm going through all this stuff, its called growing up, its called life, and how boring would it be if it were easy.

Oh, really enjoying Pete's show tonight, a bit of a darker more techno sound, I guess the uppy house sound was bound to get a bit dull after a while ... thats the other thing, I find when I am going through a dull period in my life, my enjoyment of music is dampened a bit as well. I havent had a really great night of clubbing where I just went out and enjoyed it for what it is for a really long time .. maybe this weekend. I've actually been enjoying watching dvds more lately, must remember to write a review of 21 Grams at some point ....

Ok, thats it for now, not as a comprehensive update as i thought this would, but bear is getting tired and sleepy .... x


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