Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oscars Again ...

Well its the autumn which can only mean one thing, Awards Season is just around the corner. First come the BAFTAs, then the Golden Globes, and then the mother ship of all awards shows, the Oscars. Last year, I had a failed attempt at maintaining an Oscar Blog (see the doomed Oscarfication at your own risk), so this year I am going to keep my Oscar thoughts firmly inside the Ramification realm. There were two main reasons for last years failure:

A. I didn't see many of the nominated films up for the big prize (come to think of it, Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator are still on my must see on DVD list).

B. I found that my site lacked in comparison to the great Oscarwatch site which I frequent fairly often and is a great resource.

Hopefully this year my Oscar interests will go back to normal fanatic levels.I have already seen potential nominees Crash, A History of Violence and Broken Flowers and have formed a passion or disdain for each one of them. So watch this space for more Oscar madness / film reviews.


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