Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Humps, My Lovely Beary Lumps .. !

This has now become a standard conversation peice whenever I am out at a pub and chatting to non-hirsuite men who appreciate my bearyness (some call them chubby-chasers, I for one do not care much for that term!) :

Guy A : 'So you're like a real bear of a man aren't you'

ME : 'Yeah, I guess I am'

'Must take you ages to work on your beard'

'Well, I have a trimmer, but yes I can get obsessive about it'

'I really have a thing for big fellas like you'

'Umm, thanks'

'Are you hairy all over ?'

...and so on

Ok, so what is wrong with this conversation. On the surface, nothing really, the guy is letting me know that he enjoys my big-boy status and that should be a good thing. I really don't mind being fetishized in this way, and if I didn't want to be labelled a 'bear' well then I better shave off my beard, grow the hair on top of my head and dye it pink. The problem is that the conversation above has become a bit of a cliche, I've gone through this song-and-dance enough times to know where it could lead to and the challenge is just gone. I need to be better stimulated.

I'd rather if I met someone at a pub that he would engage me in conversation about other stuff, like the whole Madonna / Kylie queen of pop debate or Jordan's hideous wedding photos, you know, stuff that matters! Anyway, I really shouldn't moan too much about it, I just find its one of those Groundhog Day things that you go through when you are single and putting yourself out there.


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