Tuesday, February 21, 2006


3 Reasons to stay up until 12:30 am on a weeknight and watch the gazillionth repeat of the Julia Roberts / Susan Sarandon weep-fest Stepmom (you know, instead of going to sleep) :

1. Julia sporting the worst hair in a film, EVER. You know its a 'serious' role because of the weird bangs, and oh wow look, its not red but light brown.

2. If you buy into it, you can cry, cry and cry some more to your heart's content. There is about 6 emotional 'speeches' in the film, and about 3 montages designed to make you weep. This film is relentless. All it needed was Bette Midler singing 'Wind Beneath My Wings' tacked at the end. No really.

3. Trying to figure out who the bratty daughter is played by, only to realize at the end credits that its Jena Malone.


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