Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I *Heart* Everything

Well I have to admit it, Valentine's Day has just crept up on me like an unexpected guest at a house party this year. You know, the type of person who you are always nice to when you see them and give them a big smile hello because well you are not a rude person (and OMG why were they invited, I thought they hated each other). Meanwhile he or she is chattering away about their life for what seems like ages, totally oblivious to your eye-rolling and without asking you about how you are; oh and look isn't that my friend over there who I see and speak to everyday but I will pretend that I have to tell them something really important RIGHT NOW, and so sorry but I'll catch up with you in a bit!

Well that to me is Valentine's Day, the unwelcome guest that you can't run away from as every shop in my neighbourhood seems to be decked out in red. Wasn't it just New Years like yesterday, when did this happen. Was I sleeping or something ?

This is my least favorite of 'holidays' (if you can call it that), and not just because I am single and the only remotely interesting single men I meet seem to live halfway around the world (ok, that is the reason, but let's not go there). I just find it just really contrived and another way to remind single people that in the end their life is without merit if they stay that way. Give me a break.


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