Sunday, June 27, 2004

Mean Girls!

Just came out of seeing the film Mean Girls. Not as laugh-out-loud as I expected it to be, but a nice little film nonetheless with some very clever dialogue. The sequence where Lindsay Lohan's character goes to her new high school is very familiar, and I liked the fact that her character is not completely sympathetic either. So often with films in this genre, the main hero has to remain good all the time, and that doesn't happen here. I'll come back with more later, my time at the internet cafe is almost up .... !

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Cher *Please Let It Be Over*

I wonder if Cher realizes that this is becoming a bit of a joke. She is extending her Farewell tour once again according to . I've always thought the only day the tour will end is when Chastity turns straight, looks like I could be proven right.

Check out the link

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

My Wimbledon Ramble


Ok, its that time of year again, where Henmania will rear its ugly head, where there is always an upset in the first round on Court 1, and where Sue Barker is on air for seemingly hours-on-end (I am convinced that she is indeed a very well designed robot). Yes it Wimbledon time, and I absolutely love it. So what of this year’s tournament, here is my take on the whole thing.

The Year of the Russian Invasion :

Forget about Anna Kornikova, she was just the preview. With an all-Russian finale at the French Open and no dominant Belgian in sight, could the Russian women be the new force to be reckoned with. You bet, with Sharipova taking over the role of teenage pin-up queen, Demenitva as the talented veteran who hasn’t yet to earn her first major and French Open Champion Myskina; the highest ranked player in the tournament and it is indeed Russia that looks to dominate in the women’s game. Myskina’s varied game and amazing speed makes her one of the most exciting players to watch and puts her in good standing to get to her second consecutive Grand Slam final, all she has to do now is beat a Williams or two. I am betting that she will get to the semi-finals and then we will see fireworks.

The Williams Factor

Speaking of the Williams sisters, it is hard to think of the women’s game without thinking of the once seemingly invincible Serena and big sister Venus. The two of them have held the title for the past four years and defending champion Serena seems to be in good form. Of course the sisters have had injuries that have sidelined for most of the year, and their recent Grand Slam performances has taken the shine off their game. Nonetheless, there record here speaks for itself and they should not be discounted. And in a strange way, now that they are no longer the invincible force they once were, I find myself rooting for them, wanting them to win. The Williams’ sisters no longer bore me.

Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer

Ok, so these names don’t have the same bite as Edberg or Sampras, YET. But soon they will be. If Hewitt or Federer win this year, then they will be two-time champions, a feat not even Andre Agassi has ever achieved. This is the new crop of players in the post-Sampras world, and one of them will emerge as the elite Men’s player of his time. I am not sure yet who it will be, but my bet is on Roddick to come storming in the next few years, who knows if I am right.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Jennifer Jason Meet Mary Louise .....

After watching Single White Female on Channel 5, I have come to the conclusion that Jennifer Jason Leigh has morphed into Mary Louise Parker. The resemblance is uncanny, just look at their IMDB profiles :

Jennifer Jason Leigh :


Mary Louise Parker :

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Edward Hopper and todays Pet Peeve!

Ok, so I DIDN'T go to the Edward Hopper exhibit, but I did pick up a book about his art, as a gift for my friend Gary's birthday (who went last week and liked it). And it is really his birthday that caused me to miss going this weekend in the first place. I will go this weekend, as I am taking a break from all the madness that is the gay scene (I'm sure some eyes will roll at this comment, and by friday I may be ready to do it all again) !

Today's Pet Peeve : Football (Soccer) Anthem songs. I just can't get away from these things, and for someone who has zero interest in the game, I just cannot get riled up about these things. The worst pepetrator has got to be 4-4-2's 'Come On England' which has got to be the worst idea of a cover version yet. In a way, its strange that the song went to #2 this week, sort of reminds me of 'Christmas Is All Around Me' in the film Love, Actually.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mundane observations

2 very mundane observations to be made :

1. On my walk from Hammersmith to Oxford Circus last night, I noted that the ratio of Starbucks Coffee Houses to London Underground Stations is 1:1. Fascinating only in my world.

2. I use the word 'like' at an average of 5 times an hour. Like, thats it ...

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Rugger Buggers, Music Lists, France, Its Update Insania (v 3.0)

Ok, so I have been very sparse in my posts lately. Mainly cause work has been very busy lately and I have had a houseguest, and I've travelled to Paris last weekend. Its all just been too hectic, and I haven't rested much lately (part of it is my own fault, you'd think I'd stay in one night and do laundry) ... so, here in point form are all the updates from the past 2 weeks. Random thoughts, events and the rest in random order.

- Insania : ok, I have to explain. I don't get Peter Andre. Why was Mysterious Girl such a massive hit in the first place ? Why does he have little to no personality ? And just how many sit-ups do you need to do to get those abs ? Nonetheless, he has provided Sue and I with one of the best catchphrases during her visit to London. To us, every weird thing that happened in Paris was, well simply, referred to as 'Insania'.

- While on the topic of Paris, I always find trip stories to be only fascinating to the people who were actually on the trip itself. Needless to say we walked on the wrong side of the tracks. We encountered very non-rude French people. I went to the Bears Den only to chat to Londoners all night long. My friend realized just how hyper I can get, and sometimes I am a 'spaz' according to her. And I've to the realisation that I will NEVER enter the lingere section of a department store ever again in my life, and lets face it, its not like I need to buy sexy lingere for anyone I wanna seduce.

- Great news about my sick friend (see back a couple of posts) ... his health seems to be getting better, and there was an air of optimism in his voice when we spoke tonight.

- The best song to get you feeling best about your body has got to be ... 'Bootylicious' by Destiny's Child. This is the music list portion of this post, yes I'm quiet disappointed as well.

- There was apparently a rugby league thing happening this bank holiday in London. Since I missed most of it, the excitement surrounding this and the 'Bear Bash' was lost on me. In either case, I did find myself at CXR on Monday night, no need to ask why. All the rugby players were still there, and it was one of the weirdest nights of my life. It felt a bit like high school, all the ruggers were the cool kids and everyone was just a slave to their attention. I got so shy and introverted all of a sudden, which many can attest to, is simply not me. It sort of brought me down big time. Thanks to a good night sleep and some sound advice, I felt great the next day. I just hope I never revert back to geeky shy guy ever again, no matter the situation.

- I learned a new word this week:
Very talkative; garrulous.

- Why is there all these commercials on with people playing soccer (er, I mean football) in the streets. Why is this fun, it seems a bit dangerous. I'd hate to be a commuter in that neighbourhood.

Ok, thats it for my randomish post.