Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Truly Excited ?!?!?

Well, its my 30th birthday coming up and to be honest the lead up to it has been fairly uneventful, I am not sure what I expected, but I was hurdling towards 30 with a very 'whatever' attitude. This time last year I was really looking forward to this milestone, and that is why I am throwing the big party on Friday night, because how often do I get to have a night that is ALL ABOUT ME. I think thats what happens in gay world, the big birthday milestones (30th, 40th, etc) are as significant to us as marriages and baby showers are to our straight counter-parts. There is a general feel of 'wow you made it this far' type of attitude to these occasions, as if just surviving is a cause for celebration (which come to think of it, it is).

As the day draws nearer I am getting more and more excited. My main worry is that the party won't be a success, or that not enough people will care enough to show up, but I guess thats normal (I guess thats the shy kid in me worrying!) Tommorow night should be good, just me and my best friend having a nice dinner out, I can't think of a better way to celebrate on the day. Last year I wrote about the friends I have made and the year I have had. This year, I don't want to get so nostalgic, because I am learning to look forwards and not backwards. And I am looking forward to my 30s, some have told me they are going to be the best time of my life, I am sure I will be told the same about my 40s if and when I reach them. So I will take it one day at a time, no other way to do it really.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shocking !!!

It is so shocking to find out that a Supermodel snorts Cocaine ... soon you'll tell me that some Hollywood actors are secretly gay! Why is everyone so surprised and ready to condemn poor Kate for this. Just let her be and get over it already.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Staying Dry

Well, as many of you might already know my place got flooded last Friday night. It has been a bit of a nightmare in that my landlady did not react as quickly as I would have liked. Thankfully not much has been damaged, aside from my good spirits. I was homeless for about a week, I stayed at my friend Lee's for a night, Uncles M&K for three and another friend Duncan til last night. Thankfully I am back home, the place is all dried out, there is new carpeting on the ground and there isn't as much of a smell in the place (although there is a slight dampness that hasn't gone away just yet). The biggest victim of all this has been my clothes many of which were thrown on the ground, and even after a few washings may need to be thrown in the bin ... something that some of my fashionably minded friends might get excited about. I am also getting a break on my rent, which will go in some way to fund my birthday party at the end of the month, something I am really looking forward to. It has been a very crazy summer, too many strange and unpleasant things happening in my life, and to be honest I am surprised I haven't gone a bit bonkers or developed some sort of addiction to glue. But its over now and I am looking forward to a not so crazy autumn, fingers crossed.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Weekend Is Here

YAY... the weekend is finally here and I for one am glad for it. I am gonna try to keep this post light and fun as it has been pointed out to me that I tend to be all gloom and doom on here sometimes. So, another list. Things to do this weekend:

1. LAUNDRY : seriously I'm on my last pair of underwear....

2. Megawoof : with all this huffing and puffing about me slowing down the partying after being ill, I have come to realise that I am a weak man. So, I am not gonna miss Megawoof, after all its like a super-duper fun night at Crash.

3. READ: I noticed last night that there is about 3 unfinished novels, and another 2 that I have bought and have yet to read.

4. SHAG: Ok, no firm plans set on the person, but surely something will come up. Well, thats the hope anyway.

5. US OPEN: I have found a sports pub in West Kensington who are apparently showing the matches on their tv. As I don't subscribe to Europsort I have been missing the final tennis Grand Slam of the year and I love tennis. So I may head down, order a beer or two and sit back. I am thinking of getting a 'Clijsters Is the Master' t-shirt printed out, but sadly I am lacking funds this month. Maybe next year.